Apprentice Resources

Training the apprentices today to be the industry leaders of tomorrow.

School Policies

You can find all current and active policies in your student policy handbook. These policies are set by the committee with input from the staff as well as the acting student council. Suggestions are welcomed and should be brought through the acting student council.


Current policies dictate that all missed classroom time must be made up through continuing education classses or volunteer opportunities. You can follow the link at the bottom of the page to register in make up time CEU classes or volunteer opportunities.

Student Council

The student council meets once a month before the Union meeting to discuss upcoming events, policy changes, and anything that is relevant to the student body. The student council is made up of 1 apprentice from each class in each year of apprenticeship, the council elects a President and Secratary to run the meetings and oversee direction. It is the representatives responsibility to bring any comments, questions or concerns to the student council meeting to be addressed by the group and taken to the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee.


Anti Harassment Training

You can fulfill your harassement training here