What We Do
"Training Electrical Craftsmen of the Future"
At the Eastern Idaho Electrical JATC we train Craftsmen to build the Electrical Infrastructure of Tomorrow. Due to the unique Commercial and Industrial Work base in Southeast Idaho, participants of our program have consistently received exposure to more facets of the industry than participants of state sponsored Electrical Apprentice programs and other JATC's nation wide.

While the average Electrical Consumer perceives an "Electrician" as the person called to fix the outlet in the bathroom when their hair dryer no longer works. Or Summenzed when its time to build the home of their dreams. The Scope of the job far surpasses the Black, White and green wire of the Romex which wires your home.

Being Privy to a pool of Electrical Contractors, some the largest in Idaho. You will find yourself working anywhere from nuclear facilities, Large Industrial and Commercial Food Processing Plants, to Building Shopping malls, Power Substations and Traffic Signal lights.

Being Hosted by a relatively small Local Electrical Union, Local#449.Members have had to step up and meet the challenges of an ever changing industry in such a diverse work environment. Where the Job title of "Journeyman Wireman" carries with it additional titles such as: Welder, Heavy Equipment Operator, and Concrete Worker to Cable Splicer, Instrumentation Technician and even Programmer.

Completion of our program brings with it the responsibilities of living up to a reputation that will precede you not only tomorrow, but in the years to follow as you find yourself working on large construction projects outside of Idaho. Following those who have gone before leaving large footprints for you to fill. The Eastern Idaho JATC is here to Provide you with the training you need today and tomorrow to step up and meet the challenge.